pullution of the river severn.

These photos have been taken over the past week.

and has been reported to severn trent water.

Walk about the town

St Davids Church newtown

Morris and Wolseley Garage gas st Newtown

Wolseley illuminating radiator badge

Wolseley-Siddeley Tourer 1908

Wolseley-Siddeley Tourer 1909

Wolseley 25/6 4-door Saloon 1937
last wolseley was produced in 1975 Wolseley Six (BMC ADO17) .

Morris badge, on a Royal Mail van

1927 Morris Cowley

File:Morris.minor.bristol.750pix.jpgmorris minor more than 1.3 million were manufactured between 1948 and 1971.

the miniture steam train Charles Darwin

reflctyons in the river severn newtown.

Under the Dolerw suspension bridge in Dolerw park.

Country life


Newtown Bridge

 in Newtown there are four bridges accross the severn river  two road bridge  one concrete span footpath  and  a footpath suspension bridge leading to Dolerw park

the concrete bridge footpath halfpenny bridge from St Mary's to Cambrian way road

the walk structure of the dolerw susspention bridge shot from bank to bank

The cambrian way bridge from what was the Montgomery canal wharf area

Wooden footbridge in the park

then we have another bridge  this is a new wooden structure over the dolfor brook
another Welsh valley full of leaves.

” Hint” look on the house roof.   all settled down for the night  poor sheep have to sleep outside tonight some bugger has stolen the barn  roof slates.

the montgomery canal pump house.


looking down the wall that housed the water wheel
looking down the overflow pipe under the pump house
standing on the low water line of the river severn looking down the over flow pipe

ZUG leather boots

Never heard of   boots called ZUG.  these boots I was told are 70 years old and only on display in the window  original hob nails  and leather laces in matching brown.  after looking up zug hobnail boots   find these are old German military boots.  last pair sold on eBay,  value about £15.00


As seen in the shoe repairers window on High street Newtown ,


Our 12 month old Siamese  kitten has become a cat burglar, totally deranged  anything with a tail on it is hers like this pear. thats what happens when one buys them toy mice to play with to keep them amuzed as little kittens,

most of her mice are now tailess and today she came home with a new one it even has a squeek.

fully relaxed in her bed on the radiator in the sun,( with her ill gotten gains)

I wonder if its a hint to get her some more mice .

another paw stroke!    Sylvester the Maine  coon  as always laid back, taking no notice  because maine coon do not talk siamese.

Sylvester in laid back mode

Sylvester  our Maine Coon is almost Eleven, that makes him as old as me  so he also is retired, now the winter is coming he has claimed his place on the radiator as near to  me as possible  while I am on the computer. since my return from Egypt 3 months ago  he has become a constant companion  .

  • Female Sparrow in the Acasia tree.
  • male Sparrow in the Acasia tree
Leaves in the valley”    on this slate roof on the Cafe in the Dolerw Park, Newtown Powys
Autumn is upon us as one can see walking through the park
Crab apple windfalls among the autumn leaves
yellow plums all going to waste
Autumn over the River severn inevitably leaves will end up in the river,
The roof made from natural slate and in the shade of trees will get moss , as the valley will also catch the falling autumn leaves off the trees.