The fun fair is in town

dodgems this has not changed one bit since the days I went on the annual school trip to the Marine lake in Rhyl back in the 1950s

this is a new way to make a few bucks bunjee trampoline. kids seem to love this one.

looks like a relic from the mines

woo scary bits,

there was a minature steam train in the park but it seems they had a problem with it and took back to the workshop for repairs

this is a fine example of a minature steam engine

its either a small train or those are big autumn leaves

the rail track in the park the building in the background is the council offices

she was busy within a few yards of the guys with the minature steam train

fancy doing a bit of real gardening

not quite the truth the pharmacy is not by here

the problem with todays yobs they have no morals or respect of anything

In the body of the church stands a mausoleum erected over the tomb of the Pryce family in 1900.

read on St Mary’s church   here

Maybe they were after the old garden roller but just can not see the point of setting fire to the place.

the old oak door's hinges are damaged as is the lock that was forced open.