Welsh bridge Shrewsbury

Frankwell bridge better known as the Welsh bridge Shrewsbury
Frankwell foot bridge
under frankwell footbridge
Quatum leap a structure between the two Frankwell bridges

A £450,000 piece of art has been unveiled to the public in Shrewsbury to mark the bicentenary of Charles Darwin.

The 12-metre-high (40 feet) sculpture, entitled Quantum Leap, has been built in Mardol Quay Gardens, opposite Theatre Severn.

The new sculpture has attracted grant funding, making the cost to local taxpayers about £300,000.

Darwin’s great, great grandson Randal Keynes officially unveiled the sculpture on 8 October.2009

The design represents Darwin’s ideas and his impact on the scientific world,

The Quarry footbridge
an under shot
Quarry footbridge
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Charles Darwin, poet Sir Philip Sidney, his biographer, Fulke Greville, Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, authors Samuel Butler and Nevil Shute, and broadcasters such as John Peel and Michael Palin,,scholars from shrewsbury school.

Shrewsbury school and rowing club
Shrewsbury school bridge

Shrewsbury school bridge

Shrewsbury school bridge
foot bridge nearest the english bridge over the severn at shrewsbury
English bridge at Shrewsbury