Only had one shot at the moon before the clouds came in.Full moon or a hole in the night sky, we are well into 11.11.11 and nothing wondrouse has happened but the mooslims seem to think an eery force is going to take over the pyramids . what a strange supperstitious lot they are, and yet they will go to the black stone kill some cows then throw stones at the devil.. ah well" nowt as queer as folk " as the Yorkshire folk say,, Dim ond un ergyd ar y lleuad cyn y cymylau ddod,,Lleuad lawn neu dwll yn awyr y nos, rydym yn dda i mewn 11.11.11 a dim byd rhyfeddol sydd wedi digwydd ond y Mwslimiaid yn ymddangos i feddwl yn rym eery yn mynd i gymryd drosodd y pyramidiau. yr hyn a llawer ofergoelus rhyfedd ydynt, ac eto byddant yn mynd at y garreg du lladd rhai gwartheg yna daflu cerrig at y diafol .. AH hefyd "dim byd mor queer mor gwerin" fel y werin Swydd Efrog yn dweu

Mr T on A horse.Giza Pyramids Cairo 2002



Egyptian police officers guard the Pyramid Khafre in Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo in 2010. Egypt will close the Great Pyramid of Giza on Friday to avoid any rituals by a group rumoured to have plans to mark the date of 11/11/11 at the site, an official said

Egypt will close the Great Pyramid of Giza on Friday to avoid any rituals by a group rumoured to have plans to mark the date of 11/11/11 at the site, an official said.

Well thats going to fu-ck up the economy of the muslim nation of egypt.and who is Atef Abu Zahab. did they finaly put Dr Zahi Hawass in jail where he should be.The decision came “after much pressure” from Egyptian Internet users that strange rituals were going to be held “within the walls of the pyramid on November 11, 2011,” Atef Abu Zahab, head of the Department of Pharaonic Archaeology, told AFP.

The Supreme Council of Antiquities confirmed the closure Friday of the tourist site, in a statement that only referred to the need for maintenance following a busy period during Muslim holidays.

The Pyramid of Cheops is the biggest and most famous of the three Giza pyramids. It houses the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu, and is the only surviving one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Numerologists are anxiously awaiting Friday, when the digital alignment of ones occurs at 11:11 am, which some believe will lead to unusual events.

Thousands of people plan to meet at the time around the world for ceremonial dances, and several pages devoted to the date have appeared on social networking website Facebook.

Some attribute the number 11 to paranormal powers that provide a channel of communication with the subconscious, others see a mystical connection between the number and disasters, like the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

but most of the Elite such as the officersin the police and  army, Reading between the lies of The Supreme Council of Antiquities who confirmed the closure Friday of the tourist site, in a statement that only referred to the need for maintenance following a busy period during Muslim holidays this means that the working half of the muslim nation of Egypt have gone to Saudi Arabia to kill a cow . and those who are left in Egypt do not get paid to look after thier heritage on fridays, and do not forget the whole of the supreme council are under the orders of the Head Imam of Egypt Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed El- Tyeb who will have ordered they play the Taqiyya card ― Islamic Principle of Lying for the Sake of Allah . not forgetting the calender year for the muslims is 1432 I am not sure what month or day they are in I do not think they know either. so the whole thing is a load of bull.or as the chinese say this yyear its a load of rabbit.

And here is me taking photos of the full moon . I know Egyptians have wierd notions about things especially after the imams blare it out at 11. 11.11.11 from the minerets. ooh shit i just let another 11 out. eleven minutes past eleven on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year of our lord two thousand and eleven, and its now eleven o’clock or is that twenty three hundred, boy am I glad I left that shithole Egypt.


Muslim liars

Al Qaeda


Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri this prick is an Egyptian and there are a lot more in egypt willing to take his place


reading the messages on this story it seems most people do not know what the black is on the forehead of these pricks, this is the mark of a devout Muslim who pray 5 times a day, . we all know how dirty these muslim countries are and rubbing the forhead on the dirt leaves a black mark, even those who do not pray they can make there own mark some muslims will rub charcoal or whatever they use to to burn the tobacco on the bubble pipes, makes them look like a brother when visiting mosques and no questions are asked of a brother. this black marking on the forehead is a sure sign of being brainwashed, the village or tribal sheikhs such as the head of Islam in Egypt Dr Achmed El Tyeb have no need to have black signs otherwise they will be made fools of with jokes such as do you not have servants to clean your prayer mat.

as you can see this man of prayer has no black marks, just a black soul, his brother Mohamed is the butcher of Gurna nr Luxor , has a so called clinic at his home to circumcise. (mutilate) the girls.

Egypt’s Sheikh al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayeb, Sunni Islam’s highest religious authority.

Imam of Al Azahr tells Pope to STFU.

Imam of Al Azahr cheats welshman out of his home


Mubarak deserves mercy

ALL THE PEOPLE IN EGYPT “WELL THE POOR” want mubarak swinging from an acasia tree, but if orders are given it has to pass this man Ahmed el-Tayeb the grand sheik of Cairo’s Al-Azhar, Mohamed Ibrahim Abdel-Monem was convicted of killing 20 protesters on Jan. 28,in his absence he was tried and convicted . The court referred the case to the Grand Mufti, Egypt’s religious authority who must approve all death sentences.

So will Achmed give the thumbs up to hang his old pall from the old regeme if the death sentence is passed.

Egypt’s top Sunni Muslim cleric says the country’s former president Hosni Mubarak should be granted mercy instead of facing prosecution,

Ahmed el-Tayeb, the grand sheik of Cairo’s Al-Azhar institution, was quoted by German weekly Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung’s Sunday edition as saying that “mercy should prevail over justice” given Mubarak’s achievements and his poor health.

Representatives of Al-Azhar, the pre-eminent theological institute of Sunni Islam, in Cairo could not be reached to confirm the comments.

“One should consider that Mubarak has done a lot for Egypt over a long time. He’s an old and sick man. Mercy should prevail over justice,” he was quoted as saying.

The weekly, which said it interviewed el-Tayeb in Egypt’s capital, further quoted him as saying that toppling Mubarak was an expression of the people’s desire for change “which Al-Azhar supports.”

El-Tayeb also voiced concern in light of the recent clashes between Copts and Muslims in Cairo, saying those were directed “from interested groups outside” the country, accusing “the West of seeking to foment chaos in Egypt.”

and while on the muslim subject, is Iran any different to Somalia ?? Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer will be released from Tehran’s Evin prison after a $500,000 bail is paid for each of them, their attorney, Masoud Shafiee, said Tuesday. Bauer and Fattal could be released “in a couple of days,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told NBC in an interview that aired Tuesday. ransom, blackmail , kidnapping , the girl was most like told, say any stories and we kill the two men, time will tell. muslims cannot be trusted, plain simple fact.