Brifysgol Aberystwyth university/college

Beware of flying motorbikes

Prince of Wales looks nothing like Charlie

cliciwch ar y lluniau i’w chwyddo

what is becoming of the Welsh Language when a university of Wales cannot translate properly , Mwg is smoke , tarthau is  fumes. shame on them

A beth yn dod o fy iaith pan na all y brifysgol cymru cyfieithu yn iawn cywilydd arnynt ,

The old university building from the south prom

its not only the starlings that are using the building as a tolet

Sundown in Aberystwyth

Y haul un mynd i lawr dros Aberystwydd

Vale of Rheidol Railway

Running on time

Vale of Rheidol Railway.  The Prince of wales was running 10 minutes late but caught up time on arrival to Devils bridge.
this was my second trip up the Rheidol valley in two weeks as I wanted to take shots of the autumn colours

The old and the new,, the new is the building of the loco shed where maintainance will be carried out on the old steam engines. we hope it will sertve the purpose as well as the old sheds do.

the prince of wales is taking me up to devils bridge.

tickets please as we board the train.

the rheidol steam railway is adjacent to the british rail station sorry ariva trains this is the final stop an the london to Aberystwyth route

an old railway building

victorian water tank used for filling the steam trains.

the hedge cutting train has its own works carriage

halfway station

steam and lots of it there is no smoke as such this is an oil fired boiler that makes the steam to drive the train

one of the water falls on the devils bridge walk.

one of the stops on the way.

Arrived in devils bridge station