Orange.Barclays profits soar to £5billion

We had a real suprise  in the post today a freebee. nice to have a freebee, but what I am supposed to do with this generous offer from a multy billion £ firm I do not know.

Scare off spooky viruses this haloween the brochure says

so do I wear it while I am on the internet or when I go and cancel my orange mobile card.

in the post there was our quarterly bank statement,  bit shitty really when the next thing

I put the internet on and one of the headlines   Barclays Quarterly Profit Soars To £2.4 billion

and they cant even afford pay to keep one of thier buildings tidy.

the following is cut  from  a post from 2 months ago

The cross building and Sarah Brisco’s Town Clock,  better known as barclays bank

Barclays bank own the cross building one of the focal points of Newtown if they leave the plants to grow in the facade it will fall down, not like they cannot afford to get builders in to clean and repoint the brick and stonework on this beautiful building, and today 31st of October 2011 We have news thatBarclays Quarterly Profit Soars To £2.4bn


feral pigeons get to drop droppings on the stonework the acid in the droppings corode the stonework.

almost enough grass to mow.

the odd seagull that lives in Newtown uses the bank to deposit on the weather vane.

Cross building from the water reservoir behind my home on Llanidloes rd.



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