Orange.Barclays profits soar to £5billion

We had a real suprise  in the post today a freebee. nice to have a freebee, but what I am supposed to do with this generous offer from a multy billion £ firm I do not know.

Scare off spooky viruses this haloween the brochure says

so do I wear it while I am on the internet or when I go and cancel my orange mobile card.

in the post there was our quarterly bank statement,  bit shitty really when the next thing

I put the internet on and one of the headlines   Barclays Quarterly Profit Soars To £2.4 billion

and they cant even afford pay to keep one of thier buildings tidy.

the following is cut  from  a post from 2 months ago

The cross building and Sarah Brisco’s Town Clock,  better known as barclays bank

Barclays bank own the cross building one of the focal points of Newtown if they leave the plants to grow in the facade it will fall down, not like they cannot afford to get builders in to clean and repoint the brick and stonework on this beautiful building, and today 31st of October 2011 We have news thatBarclays Quarterly Profit Soars To £2.4bn


feral pigeons get to drop droppings on the stonework the acid in the droppings corode the stonework.

almost enough grass to mow.

the odd seagull that lives in Newtown uses the bank to deposit on the weather vane.

Cross building from the water reservoir behind my home on Llanidloes rd.


Vale of Rheidol Railway

Running on time

Vale of Rheidol Railway.  The Prince of wales was running 10 minutes late but caught up time on arrival to Devils bridge.
this was my second trip up the Rheidol valley in two weeks as I wanted to take shots of the autumn colours

The old and the new,, the new is the building of the loco shed where maintainance will be carried out on the old steam engines. we hope it will sertve the purpose as well as the old sheds do.

the prince of wales is taking me up to devils bridge.

tickets please as we board the train.

the rheidol steam railway is adjacent to the british rail station sorry ariva trains this is the final stop an the london to Aberystwyth route

an old railway building

victorian water tank used for filling the steam trains.

the hedge cutting train has its own works carriage

halfway station

steam and lots of it there is no smoke as such this is an oil fired boiler that makes the steam to drive the train

one of the water falls on the devils bridge walk.

one of the stops on the way.

Arrived in devils bridge station

Newtown station

out of view. wise birds these doves building the nest behind the train station camera.

even the birds get thier roosts lit up at night on the station platform

view of the station from the footbridge

view of the station from under the footbridge

In the cow dung

A roll in the field. best if its a roll with a lamb chop. never realized sheep had bellybuttons

now look its covered in shit

must be a crap disc

the failed mission.

two flesh flies on a cow pat


Fall or Autumn



I think this oven has cooked its last lamb chop.

Fall in the brook. now does that sound right.

Autumn in the brook. now that sounds better

wind fall crab apples

P,B & Tile Co. – Newtown Newtown brick company Our house and next door was built in 1892 for the managers of the brick works where the school and playing fields are now was once the brickworks. not much history on the brickworks.

The college fields in Mochdre

Newtown Powys as it is.

morris 1000 just left to rot away in keeping with its suroundings.

bursting at the seems, the tin garage.

Having a face lift after all the old render has been stripped off one can see this was two houses. what they called two up two down.

notice the arch where the front door would have been


an unusual sight in this part of britain .just outside of the hospital they have four rowan trees that have been grafted with mistltoe two of the trees have died from the last winters frost,



China or is that Chinese.

real China was  made in Britain


Welsh I do not think so the labels say made in China so they are chinese not Welsh

Do not see any good China in the shop.

The coracle is a small, lightweight boat of the sort traditionally used in Wales. here its on display at the alternative energy day held in the powys council grounds, the corracle originaly was made with animal skin to make it bouyant .today its has a waterproof marerial made in China.

Beijing Gold Beer, Traditional, Premium Chinese Beer, smooth, low carbonated, to drink with oriental, spicy food. how many pubs have been closed in the uk over the past years how many breweries have gone bancrupt. and yet they can import this beer all the way from China and sell it cheaper than local beer.

Halloween!! Everything on this stand in Tesco's is made in China

mowers from China

its ok. I too can resist anything but Temptation

what is this  temptation .  I cannot resist putting my thoughts in when countries like China have the audacity to call us british Lazy.  All I have to say is I am glad the British have kite marks  . living in Egypt for 8 years opened my eyes as to the total rubbish the chinese make and sell to the poor or 3rd world countries.  motor bikes with names like.  keweseki   dayjong cost three thousand Egp  thats £300  cheap i hear you say.   not so when they only last 6 to 12 months. and a wage in Egypt is only $20 per month. Mubarak had an agreement with the Chinese  if they gave money to build certain museums  such as the entrance museum to the valley of the |Kings  they would buy cars and  phase out the peugot 505 taxis  any one that was older than 30 years  the owner was  forced to buy a new car made in China, 3 million Taxies in Cairo alone  4 years down the line  most  taxies have reverted back to the old peugot.s and skoda’s. as they cannot get parts for the chinese rubbish cars that were forced on the taxi owners.  this is how the corrupt regime  of Egypt went about forcing the sale of  the crap vehicles   there is no road tax as such in Egypt. vehicles are charged once an yer and given a drivers licence each taxi is 1000 LE per year then they had the fines   if they did not have money to give the bent road cop  they were given a paper to say they pay the fine  in the court. each driver has to go to the court building to renew his licence each year,  when it came to the time of selling the new cars from China  the fine was more than a new car.  so in order to keep the licence they had to get a new car.   now if the car owner wished to keep the old car on the road all he had to pay was the thousand thus  giving a job to another driver and forcing the owner to be an employer  creating more revenue for the regime.   for those who have been to egypt and wondered why a small place like Luxor  has over 3000 taxies. now you know.  every week  a young lad gets killed on a motorbike in luxor. the simple reason being they have no licence and far too often they are under age to ride. if stopped   10 egp would keep the cop happy.  not much for a life is it.  but then amongst the Muslim life is as cheap as the rubbish they are forced to buy.


the polish shop but they do not sell polish, no shoe polish no furniture polish and its like we need another shop in Newtown already we have four supermarkets that all sell polish, six if we count Charlies stores, seven with Wynstay and they even sell horse tack polish,

Reflections of the Autumn sun

deflective mirror reflection of the morning sun

another reflection off the same mirror

Rays of the hidden Sun

Blue tit on the feeder in the rain

Newtown Robins fire work extravaganza.

stop the game the refs got summut in his ear,


Steve Berry  trying to get the attention of the ref   as he needed to get to hospital  to get his shoulder seen too.

The Robin

Latham park grounds is home to Newtown robins football team.

newtown football field

St Davids Church from the water reservoir situated above latham park.

Crceoss building from the water reservoir situated above latham park. .

ST Mary's Church tower from the water reservoir situated above latham park. .

Walk about the town

St Davids Church newtown

Morris and Wolseley Garage gas st Newtown

Wolseley illuminating radiator badge

Wolseley-Siddeley Tourer 1908

Wolseley-Siddeley Tourer 1909

Wolseley 25/6 4-door Saloon 1937
last wolseley was produced in 1975 Wolseley Six (BMC ADO17) .

Morris badge, on a Royal Mail van

1927 Morris Cowley

File:Morris.minor.bristol.750pix.jpgmorris minor more than 1.3 million were manufactured between 1948 and 1971.

the miniture steam train Charles Darwin

reflctyons in the river severn newtown.

Under the Dolerw suspension bridge in Dolerw park.

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